An original event concept executive produced by BWW for Budweiser.


The event concept was anchored around the idea of a holiday gift box, specifically the inside of one. The vision started with transforming the minimalist, white space of The White Room into a purely gold one, giving event attendees the feeling they had stepped inside a giant, gold gift box. Aptly named Ribbon, armed with a custom logo and a black and gold colorset, the result of brand and experiential strategy cohesively came together throughout an array of details which included: 2 custom-made 10-foot-long handmade wigs made of gold and black ribbon worn by models atop ceiling-mounted swings, a custom-made, pliable shadow wall where models brought the wall to life, a custom-made ribbon shaped bar and branded furniture, decorations, signage and LED sticks. Ribbon transcended expectations and left a long-lasting impression on all event goers.

Event Credits

King Beverage
Pearce Cleaveland
Sonna Brado
Feasting at Home
Robert Sevilla Naudon

Eli Gardner
Pauly Devine
Mikel Lenox
David Lumley
Sara Conner
Eric Thorne